Automatic Avocado Oil Press Production Line

Avocado oil is the natural oil pressed from the pulp of an avocado which rich in nutrients that are beneficial to human health. If you are interested in avocado oil production, then our almond oil production line will be your best choice!

Hot Selling Models

  • Model: GN-130

    200-300kg/h Electric Sauce Grinding Machine

    Power: 11kw

    Capacity: 200-300kg/h

    Voltage: 380/50HZ


  • Model: YZYJ-285

    1.8T/24h Automatic Hydraulic Oil Press Machine

    Power: 1.5kw-4
    Process Capacity: 1.8T/24h
    Size(L*W*H): 1100*950*1590mm

  • Model: YZYJ-340

    2.1T/24h Automatic hydraulic oil press machine

    Process Capacity:2.1T/24h

  • Model: 6YL-170

    7.2T/24h Avocado screw oil press machine

    Process Capacity:350KG-400KG/H

  • Model: LY-60/80

    200-300kg/h Centrifugal oil filter

    Process Capacity: 200-300kg/h
    Power: 2.2kw
    Frequency: 50HZ

  • Model: MK6-II

    0.5-20t/24h Oil refining machine

    Power: 136kw
    Process Capacity:0.5-20t/24h
    Floor Space: 10-120㎡

    Successful Cases Show

    Oil Production Line Installed In Australia

    Country: Australia
    Order Quantity: 5t Automatic Avocado Oil Production Line
    Model: 5t Automatic Avocado Oil Production Line
    Customer Basic Information:This customer is a health-focused food company. His specific requirements included high-speed processing, efficient oil extraction, and advanced filtration systems to ensure a high-quality final product.After looking for many companies that produce oil presses, the customer found us, sent us messages and explained the type of production line he wanted. We explained the models and prices of all the machines suitable for avocado oil extraction, then we customize the production line for him, and the final customer determined the solution he was more satisfied with, and concluded a deal with us.

    Oil press machine installed in Israel

    Country: Israel

    Order Quantity:4t Automatic Avocado Oil Production Line

    Model:4t Automatic Avocado Oil Production Line

    Customer Basic Information:This customer is an agricultural cooperative. They focus on sustainability and meeting the growing demand for healthy oils, the cooperative decided to invest in a modern avocado oil production line. The customer’s goal is efficient machining. He saw the video of our oil press production line on YTB and was very interested, so he left a message on our website for more information. We also customized the equipment of the avocado oil production line for him, and invited the customer to visit our oil press production plant in China. The customer saw all kinds of oil extraction equipment in the factory. After communicating with us, he recognized the quality of our products, and finally we cooperated successfully.

    Avocado Oil Press Production Line

    Oil Production Process

    An avocado oil production line involves processes such as sorting, de-stoning, pressing, separation, filtration, and optional refining. From grinding to filling, we can meet your avocado oil pressing needs.

    Avocado Oil Press Production Line Price

    Mikim insists on providing the best quality oil machine at the most reasonable price. The price of oil press machine is affected by the following factors.

    Scale and Capacity

    The size and capacity of the production line can significantly affect its price. Larger and more efficient production lines with higher processing capacities tend to be more expensive.

    Quality and Durability

    High-quality materials, components, and construction that ensure longevity and reliable performance may result in a higher price.

    Market Demand and Competition

    The overall demand for avocado oil production lines and the level of competition within the market can impact prices.


    The complexity and customization of the production line's configuration, such as additional features or specialized functionalities, can influence the overall cost.

    Automatic Avocado Oil Production Line Features

    • filtration system
      Advanced Filtration Systems

      Precision filtration systems that remove impurities, sediments, and solid particles from the extracted avocado oil, ensuring a clean and clear final product.

    • Easy Cleanability
      Easy Cleanability

      Sanitary design principles, stainless steel construction, and easy-to-clean components that ensure high levels of hygiene and facilitate efficient cleaning and maintenance.

    • Continuous Cold Pressing
      Continuous Cold-Pressing

      Continuous cold-pressing systems that extract oil from avocado pulp without the use of heat or solvents, preserving the nutritional value and quality of the oil.

    • Vacuum Evaporation and Deodorization

      Advanced vacuum evaporation and deodorization techniques that remove unwanted flavors, odors, and moisture from the avocado oil, improving its taste, aroma, and shelf life.

    • Maximum Yield
      Maximum Yield

      Our oil press production line is engineered for exceptional efficiency, ensuring you extract the maximum amount of oil from your precious oilseeds. With our state-of-the-art technology, no oil is wasted, resulting in optimal oil yield for your business.

    • After-sale Support
      After-Sales Support

      Our experienced technicians are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to efficiently set up the production line in your facility. Our goal is to ensure that you achieve the highest levels of productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

    Why Choose Us


    • Strong company strength: more than 20 years of manufacturing experience; Our machines are widely used in various fields of China and have exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, Middle East Countries, and other areas.
    • Unique advantages: support three-party inspection; support online/on-site installation services; provide after-sales documents such as installation videos/installation manuals/operation manuals/maintenance manuals.

    Our Services

    Contact Client

    Project consultant:
    1. Introduce Mikim Products by email, whatsApp or other online chat tools;
    2. Discuss requirement with clients.
    3. Invite customers to visit our production site or factory offline or online as the case may be, and explain the entire workflow;


    Solution & Quotation

    Project consultant:
    1. Convey clients’requirements to technicians;
    2. Professional technicians help plan the factory site, and determine the specific parameters and specifications of the machine according to the actual needs of customers.
    3. Offer proposals for clients, solve their problems and negotiate with clients about the price and product details.


    Sign Contract

    Project Consultant:
    1. Draw up sales contract;
    2. Sign contract.


    Customers Enjoy The Following Services

    Report the production progress of workshop machines to customers in a timely manner through face-to-face video or media files;

    Free training operation and management;

    One-year warranty, life long repair service;

    Provide technical support.


     We sent professional after-sales engineers to the customer’s location to install and debug equipment.

    First Step

    Our professional technicians draw the layout drawings of the oil press or provide 3D layout drawings in advance according to the customer’s site conditions.

    Second Step

    The site is inspected to see if it can be installed according to the drawings; the components of the oil press line are delivered to the site and a technician is required to supervise the unloading process to ensure that all parts have not been damaged during transportation. The electrician wires the line, links the clicks, sensors and control panels, and aligns and calibrates the various mechanical components to ensure proper operation.

    Third Step

    Operators are trained and instructed on how to adjust settings, monitor production, perform routine maintenance and troubleshoot common problems. This is followed by commissioning to verify the performance of the line, during which a small batch of seeds or nuts is processed to verify that the system will function properly and that the output will meet quality standards. Finally, documentation of the installation process will be installed along with equipment manuals, technical specifications and maintenance guides.


    Ongoing support and maintenance services are provided to ensure that the oil press line continues to perform at its best, maximizing the efficiency and life of the line.

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