Sunflower Oil Press Production line

Sunflower oil is the oil extracted from sunflower seeds, light yellow color, no odor, rich in nutrition, is an important edible oil. If you are producing sunflower oil, you will definitely need the sunflower oil production line of our company which introduce next.

Hot Selling Models

  • 8.4-14.4T/24h Sunflower Oil Production Line

    Our basic sunflower oil production line will include selection and screening machines, hulling machines, frying pans, oil presses, oil refineries and other machines.

  • Model: Vibrating sieve-600A

    Muti-Function Cleaning Machine

    Process Capacity: 250-300kg/h
    Power: 0.55kw-4

  • Model: MK-255kg

    100-255kg/time Practical Roasting Machine

    Process Capacity:100-255kg/time

  • Model: 6YL-125

    3.4T/24h Practical Screw Oil Press Machine

    Process Capacity:150KG-200KG/H

  • Model: Zl-Series Vacuum Oil Filter

    50-260kg/h Vacuum Oil Filter

    Process Capacity:50-260kg/h
    Vacuum Speed Rate:5-30L/s

  • Model: MK6-II

    0.5-20t/24h Oil refining machine

    Power: 136kw
    Process Capacity:0.5-20t/24h
    Floor Space: 10-120㎡

    Successful Cases Show

    Oil Production Line Installed In Uzbekistan

    Country: Uzbekistan
    Order Quantity: 4t Sunflower Oil Production Line
    Model: 4t Sunflower Oil Production Line
    Customer Basic Information: The customer needs to expand production to increase market share, their previous production will use more labor, they want to buy a new set of equipment to reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency. In the end, based on our understanding of their existing equipment, we upgraded the packaging and refining aspects, which not only meets the customer’s needs, but also improves the quality of their oil, which is more conducive to increasing their market share.

    Oil press machine installed in Zambia

    Country: Zambia

    Order Quantity: 3.6t Sunflower Oil Production Line

    Model: 3.6t Sunflower Oil Production Line

    Customer Basic Information: The customer’s oil mill has stable old customers, buy products just want to update the oil press and oil filter equipment, this customer is our previous old customers recommended to understand the basic needs of the program made for the customer, the customer is very satisfied, it did not take long to place an order, to the customer to update the equipment, the customer sent a picture of the product.

    Oil Production Process

    Oil Production Process

    We can meet the different processing techniques of sunflower oil, If you have any needs in machine, Just communicate with us!

    sunflower oil press production line price

    Mikim insists on providing the best quality oil machine at the most reasonable price. The price of oil press machine is affected by the following factors.

    Production Capacity

    The capacity of the sunflower oil production line, measured in tons per day or per hour, has a significant impact on the price. 

    Currency Exchange Rates

    For international customers, fluctuations in currency exchange rates can affect the final price.

    Shipping and Installation Costs

    For international customers, shipping and installation costs can impact the overall price of the production line.

    Material of The Equipment

    The quality and material of the production line equipment will affect its price. Better materials need higher price.

    Sunflower Oil Press Production line Features

    • Maximum Yield

      Our oil press production line is engineered for exceptional efficiency, ensuring you extract the maximum amount of oil from your precious oilseeds. With our state-of-the-art technology, no raw material is wasted, resulting in optimal oil yield for your business.

    • Specific Debugging
      Specific debugging

      Our products will be made for sunflower seeds oil to make the appropriate temperature control and feeding adjustments to ensure that the maximum degree of sunflower seed oil processing to enhance the yield, of course, if you need to do the oil of other oilseeds after that, it is also completely possible.

    • Safety First Design

      Safety is paramount in our production line's design. Equipped with advanced safety features, emergency stop buttons, and safety guards, we prioritize the well-being of your operators and protect your production process.

    • High Quality Healthy Oil
      Quality Oil, Nutritional Delight

      With our gentle extraction process, our oil press production line preserves the natural flavors, nutrients, and health benefits of the extracted oil. Enjoy the assurance of producing high-quality, nutritious oil that delights consumers.

    • Quality Assurance
      Stringent Quality Control

      Quality is at the heart of our production line. Each machine undergoes rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure flawless performance and adherence to international standards.

    • Quality Oil Filtration Systems

      Ensure pure and pristine oil with our top-of-the-line filtration systems. These systems efficiently remove impurities and sediments, delivering oil of unmatched clarity and quality.

    Why Choose Us


    • Strong company strength: more than 20 years of manufacturing experience; Our machines are widely used in various fields of China and have exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, Middle East Countries, and other areas.
    • Unique advantages: support three-party inspection; support online/on-site installation services; provide after-sales documents such as installation videos/installation manuals/operation manuals/maintenance manuals.

    Our Services

    Contact Client

    Project consultant:
    1. Introduce Mikim Products by email, whatsApp or other online chat tools;
    2. Discuss requirement with clients.
    3. Invite customers to visit our production site or factory offline or online as the case may be, and explain the entire workflow;


    Solution & Quotation

    Project consultant:
    1. Convey clients’requirements to technicians;
    2. Professional technicians help plan the factory site, and determine the specific parameters and specifications of the machine according to the actual needs of customers.
    3. Offer proposals for clients, solve their problems and negotiate with clients about the price and product details.


    Sign Contract

    Project Consultant:
    1. Draw up sales contract;
    2. Sign contract.


    Customers Enjoy The Following Services

    Report the production progress of workshop machines to customers in a timely manner through face-to-face video or media files;

    Free training operation and management;

    One-year warranty, life long repair service;

    Provide technical support.


     We sent professional after-sales engineers to the customer’s location to install and debug equipment.

    First Step

    Our professional technicians draw the layout drawings of the oil press or provide 3D layout drawings in advance according to the customer’s site conditions.

    Second Step

    The site is inspected to see if it can be installed according to the drawings; the components of the oil press line are delivered to the site and a technician is required to supervise the unloading process to ensure that all parts have not been damaged during transportation. The electrician wires the line, links the clicks, sensors and control panels, and aligns and calibrates the various mechanical components to ensure proper operation.

    Third Step

    Operators are trained and instructed on how to adjust settings, monitor production, perform routine maintenance and troubleshoot common problems. This is followed by commissioning to verify the performance of the line, during which a small batch of seeds or nuts is processed to verify that the system will function properly and that the output will meet quality standards. Finally, documentation of the installation process will be installed along with equipment manuals, technical specifications and maintenance guides.


    Ongoing support and maintenance services are provided to ensure that the oil press line continues to perform at its best, maximizing the efficiency and life of the line.

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